Woodland Fairy Globe

Woodland Fairy Globe

What You'll Need:

100mm Clear Ball
Canning Jar Lid
Mini Woodland Animal of Choice
Glue Dots®

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Woodland Fairy Globe

Who knew making a your own Fairy Globe could be so simple? Add a few Woodland animals, moss and bark and soon enough you'll have fun globes to decorate your space with!
  • 1 Place glue dotsĀ® in ball

    Working in one half of the clear ball, with the hanger at the bottom, place 4-5 Glue Dots® in the bottom part of the half ball.

  • 2 Place moss

    Place moss in the ball gently pushing into the Glue Dots®.

  • 3 Add woodland animals

    Place Glue Dots® on the woodland animals and place in the moss.

  • 4 Add more moss or bark

    Add more moss or bark to make a woodland setting.

  • 5 Snap pieces together

    Gently snap the clear ball pieces together.

  • 6 Add jar lid

    Place the canning jar lid upside down and attach 4 Glue Dots® spaced around the rim.

  • 7 Put pieces together

    Gently push the clear ball into the Glue Dots®.