Worry Pet

Worry Pet

What You'll Need:

18mm Animal Nose
12mm Solid Black Eyes
Feather Boa
Poly-Fil® Pillow Stuffing
Fabri-Tac™ Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Worry Pets

Kids can learn basic crafting skills by making with own Worry Pets. These adorable stuffed pets are a cozy craft that you can take anywhere, even on the school bus!
  • 1 Cut out shape

    Out of a 5" piece of flannel and fleece, cut a shape to your liking. (Cirlce, triangle, square). Place the fleece in the front and flannel in the back. 

  • 2 Add eyes & nose

    Cut 3 tiny slits in the fleece to place the eyes and nose. Push the shank of the eyes and nose through the slit and secure in place by placing the plastic washer on the back. 

  • 3 Apply Fabri-Tac

    Apply Fabri-Tac™ around the edge of the flannel leaving a 2" opening. 

  • 4 Put pieces together

    Place the fleece over the flannel; make sure to press around the edges. 

  • 5 Stuff each pet

    Stuff the worry pet with Poly-Fil® through the 2" opening. 

  • 6 Glue opening

    Glue the 2" opening closed.

  • 7 Glue feather boa

    Cut a 2" piece of the feather boa and glue above the eyes of the Worry Pet.