Friendly Bee Paper Puppet

Friendly Bee Paper Puppet

What You'll Need: 

Jumbo Craft Sticks 
Black Craft Paper 
Yellow Craft Paper 
Clear Vellum
Black Brad
Wiggle Eyes 
1/2" Black Pom
Cuttlebug or Embossing Machine 
Circle Die Cuts 
3/4" Circle Punch
1/4" Paper Punch
Glue Dots
Glue Stick

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner 
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes 

How to Make a Friendly Bee Paper Puppet 

Bee creative in your classroom or at home with your kids this spring! Try this fun and easy Friendly Bee Paper Puppet project and everyone will be buzzin' about your latest craft creation!
  • 1 Trim paper

    Trim yellow paper to fit onto Cuttlebug plates or your embossing machine of choice. 

  • 2 Position plates & insert paper

    Place 4" and 2" circles onto A plate, flat side down - one above the other. Lay yellow paper on top of dies followed by B and C plates. Run them through the machine; repeat this process with only the 4" circle for black and vellum papers. 

  • 3 Punch holes

    Punch a small hole in both circles about 1/2" from the edge. Overlap the circles; line up the holes and glue small circle under larger one. 

  • 4 Add black stripes & face

    Cut black circle into about 1" strips. Take several and glue these onto the bee for stripes. Glue on wiggle eyes and pom nose. 

  • 5 Create & attach wings

    Cut vellum circle in half. Hold halves together and punch a small hole near top cut edge. Separate the two halves and place vallum wings over body and overlap wings where they're hole-punched. Insert a brad into the hole and separate tabs to secure. 

  • 6 Add stinger and sticky stick

    Cut a small black triangle and glue it on for the bee's stinger. Glue your bee to the jumbo craft stick.