Give Thanks Shaker Card

Give Thanks Shaker Card

What You'll Need:

Cuttlebug® Machine
5''x7'' Card and Envelope Set
Turkey Die Cut
Leaf Die Cut
Doodlebug® Teensy® Type Stickers
Doodlebug® Tangerine Teensy® Type
Harvest Scrapbook Paper
Orange Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
Leaf Confetti
Fuse Tool
Fuseable® 12''x12'' Clear Sheets
Paper Trimmer
Tape Runner

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 45 minutes

How to Make a Give Thanks Shaker Card

Make this Give Thanks Shaker Card project just in time for Thanksgiving! This project is simple, yet sentimental and would be a kind gesture for anyone during the holiday centered around gratitude. Make the entire set of cards so you can show everyone important to you just how thankful you are!

  • 1 Trim & Attach Paper

    Trim a piece of harvest paper to fit the front of the card and attach it with a tape runner.

  • 2 Use CuttlebugĀ® Machine

    Open the card and place it in the Cuttlebug® horizontally, position the turkey die cut onto the front, add B plates and run it through the machine.

  • 3 Trim & Attach Paper

    Trim a piece of yellow cardstock to fit the inside of the card and attach it with a tape runner.

  • 4 Die Cut Paper

    Die cut several small maple leaves from the orange and yellow papers.

  • 5 Cut & Fuse Paper

    Cut two 4'' squares from a Fuseable® sheet. Stack the sheets and use the Fuse tool to close up the three sides to form a pocket. Fill the pocket with confetti. Fuse the pocket closed.

  • 6 Attach Pocket

    Use a tape runner to attach the pocket inside the card, behind the turkey.

  • 7 Cut & Add "Give Thanks"

    Cut a 3/4''x 3 3/4'' rectangle from the yellow cardstock. Use the tweezers to place the letters "Give Thanks" onto the rectangle. Trim the corners and attach it to the bottom of the card.

  • 8 Embellish Card

    Embellish the card with several small leaves.