Gratitude Frame

Gratitude Frame

What You'll Need:

Empty Frame in Any Size
Natural Colored Jute
Duct Tape
Colored Scrapbook Paper
Decorative Punches
Mini Clothespins

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Gratitude Frame

What are you thankful for? Share it with your friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner when you make this Gratitude Frame! Before you sit down to your feast, have everyone write one thing they are especially thankful for this year, and then pin it up on the board.
  • 1 Flip frame

    Flip the frame so the back is facing up.

  • 2 Crisscross jute Crisscross jute

    Use a small piece of duct tape to adhere the jute in place at the top of the frame. Then, begin crisscrossing the jute, using the duct tape to adhere it to the frame.

  • 3 Punch out shapes Punch out shapes

    Use your punches and colored paper to create shapes for people to write on. Make sure to use a variety of punches and colors of paper.

  • 4 Write on shapes

    During Thanksgiving dinner or at a family night have everyone write down that they are grateful for on a shape.

  • 5 Clip shapes onto frame Clip shapes on just strands

    Clip each shape on the jute strands using mini clothespins and display it on a mantel or a buffet.