Haystack Name Place Cards

Haystack Name Place Cards

What You'll Need:

Colored or Printed Cardstock of Choice
Bakers Twine of Choice
Name Tag

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make Haystack Name Place Cards

Get creative this Thanksgiving! Make fun, festive Haystack Name Place Cards to easily assign seats while adding cute decorations to your table.
  • 1 Cut pieces of card stock

    Cut two 4.5"x12" pieces of card stock.

  • 2 Fold card stock

    Fold down the center of the card stock.

  • 3 Fold again

    Fold ½" from the center fold.

  • 4 Fold & cut

    Fold back in half and cut about ¼" slits up to the ½" fold line working across the folded cardstock.

  • 5 Roll into tube

    Roll the fringed card stock into a tube, secure the end with tape.

  • 6 Wrap twine

    Wrap bakers twine around the middle of the haystack and attach a small name tag with twine to the center.