Joy Christmas Banner

Paper embellished JOY pennant banner

What You'll Need:

Wood Pennant Shapes
Red Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Assorted Background Rubber Stamps
Kraft Cardstock
Black Stamp Pad
12” x 12” White Glittered Cardstock
Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
7/8” Red Satin Ribbon
1 yd. Red Trim
Silver Wired Tinsel Garland
Mod Podge
Silver Glittered Chipboard Letters
Red Fine Glitter
Micro Small Punch
Large Jump Rings
1/2” Silver Bells
Assorted Width Ribbons
2” Circle Paper Punch

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Approximate time: 2 hours

How to Make a Joy Christmas Banner

Deck your halls with this Joy Christmas Banner! This charming wood pennant banner is a rustic addition to any Christmas decor. From jingle bells to sparkles and tinsel, this banner incorporates all of your favorite yuletide decorations into one perfect piece!
  • 1 Paint wood pennants

    Paint the wood pennants red. Allow to dry completely.

  • 2 Stamp the cardstock

    Randomly stamp on the Kraft cardstock and cut it into 2” wide strips.

  • 3 Accordion fold

    Accordion fold the strips creating ½” scored folds.

  • 4 Attach the sheets of paper

    Attach 3 ½” to the end of the paper to have a sheet 15” in length

  • 5 Create a medallion

    Attach the ends together and maneuver the paper into a medallion. Hot glue the front to a 2” punched circle from white glittered cardstock.

  • 6 Hot glue the ribbon

    Hot glue 7/8” ribbon in a pleat fold manner across the top of the banner.

  • 7 Attach trim & tinsel

    Attach the trim to the top of the ribbon and wired tinsel above that.

  • 8 Cut snowflakes

    Cut out 3 snowflakes from white glittered cardstock.

  • 9 Sprinkle with glitter

    Apply Mod Podge to the silver glittered chipboard letters and sprinkle them with red glitter.

  • 10 Punch a hole

    Punch a hole just large enough for a jump ring to go through in the tip of the pennant.

  • 11 Add paper embellishments

    Apply paper pieces near the tip of the pennant and trim them with red wired tinsel garland.

  • 12 Assemble pieces

    Attach the medallion to the pennant, the snowflake to the white circle and the red glittered letter to the snowflake.

  • 13 Add jingle bells

    Use jump rings to add bells to the tips of the pennant.

  • 14 String together

    String the pennants on the jute supplied in the package.

  • 15 Tie ribbon

    Tie 16” long strands of ribbon with assorted widths folded in half between the pennants.