Keepsake Canister

Keepsake Canister

What You'll Need:

Clear Paint Can
Washi Tape of Choice
Small Craft Sticks
Small Piece of Floral Foam
Hot Glue
Photos and Mementos from Trip

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Keepsake Canister

Keep your favorite memories inside and on display in your own Keepsake Canister! Simple and quick to make, this canister would be a great edition to your home, dorm room or any space in your house.
  • 1 Cut floral foam

    Cut a 1" square piece of floral foam and hot glue it to the inside bottom of the can. 

  • 2 Add photos to project

    Glue a craft stick to the back of each photo, add glue to the bottom of each stick and secure into the floral foam. 

  • 3 Embellish can

    Embellish the outside of the can with washi tape and jute.

  • 4 Arrange mementos

    Arrange your collected mementos in the can, covering the floral foam. Hot glue into place.