Paper Cactus Garden

Paper Cactus Garden

What You'll Need:

3.5" Terracotta Pots
Green Cardstock Pack
Brilliant Blues Cardstock Pack
White Chalk Marker
Gold Glass Chips
Multi Surface Acrylic Paint of Choice
Foam Brush
Tissue Paper
Floral Foam
Hot Glue
Mod Podge®
Glue Stick

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (not including dry time)

How to Make a Paper Cactus Garden

Whether or not you will be escaping to an oasis, you can make your own at home! A Paper Cactus Garden is a simple project that can brighten up any space.

  • 1 Paint the terracotta pots

    Paint the terracotta pots and let dry.

  • 2 Fold and glue green cardstock

    Fold three sheets of green cardstock in half lengthways. Glue one half of each folded sheet to the next, then join all three. 

  • 3 Trace cactus shape

    Lay the cardstock flat and trace a cactus shape in the middle, cut out the cactus. 

  • 4 Draw needles

    Draw some needles to all sides of the cactus with the white marker.

  • 5 Cut & glue tissue paper

    Cut 1" x 1" pieces of tissue paper, scrunch it to make little flowers and glue them to the top of the cactus. 

  • 6 Hot glue foam

    Hot glue foam into the clay pot. 

  • 7 Hot glue cactus

    Hot glue the cactus in the center of the foam.

  • 8 Mix chips

    Mix the glass chips with enough Mod Podge® to just coat the chips when mixed. 

  • 9 Cover top of foam

    Cover the top of the foam with the glass chip mixture and let dry.