BOO! Paper Mache Halloween Wall Hanging

Embellished paper mache letters

What You'll Need:

8” Paper Mache Letters
Black Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Assorted Stamp Pads
Embossing Folders
4 1/2” x 6 1/2" Cardstock
Foamie Marshmallow
Hercules Glue
X-ACTO Knife
Sanding Block
Halloween Mini Ornaments
Black Ribbon
Hot Glue
Assorted Widths of Ribbon

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 hours

How to Make a BOO! Paper Mache Halloween Wall Hanging

These ghostly letters are sure to startle when they spell out “BOO!” on any wall in your home. Customize these paper mache letters with eerily colored paper, your favorite Halloween embossing folders and ghoulish trinkets or use other paper mache letters to spell out a different spooky statement.
  • 1 Paint

    Use a foam brush and the black acrylic paint to paint the letters black.

  • 2 Emboss

    Emboss the cardstock with a selection of embossing folders.

  • 3 Apply ink

    Using a Foamie marshmallow, apply ink to the embossing on the papers.

  • 4 Attach cardstock

    Attach the embossed cardstock to the paper mache letters using Hercules glue.

  • 5 Trim excess

    Trim off any excess paper using the X-ACTO knife.

  • 6 Lightly sand

    Lightly sand the edges of the cardstock and rub with ink pad.

  • 7 Embellish letters

    Embellish the letters with ribbon and mini ornaments.

  • 8 Connect letters with ribbon

    Cut 3 4” lengths of black ribbon and hot glue them to the backs of the letters, attaching the letters together.

  • 9 Tie a bow

    Tie a multi-ribbon bow using different widths of ribbon, and attach it to the top letter.