Paper Turkey Hat

Paper Turkey Hat

What You'll Need

Brown Plaid Core Paper
Orange and Red Cardstock 
Assorted Feathers 
25 mm Wiggle Eyes 
Bungee Cord 
Duck Tape 
Paper Punch
Glue Dots 


Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner 
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Paper Turkey Hat

Get your children and students in the Thanksgiving spirit this year with these adorable Paper Turkey Hats! They are simple and affordable, and as fun to make as they are to wear! 

  • 1 Cut Plaid Paper

    Cut your plaid paper into 2" x 12" strips. 

  • 2 Trace and Cut

    Trace the beak and wattle onto cardstock and cut them out. *fold beak in half 

  • 3 Attach Eyes, Wattle & Beak

    Attach your wiggle eyes, wattle and beak to the center of the 12" plaid strip using your glue dots. 

  • 4 Add Feathers

    Turn hat over and place 5 feathers along the top. Tear off a section of Duck tape and place over the back. Press firmly in place, especially over feathers. 

  • 5 Attach Bungee Cord

    Punch a hole at both ends of the strip. Cut an 11" section of bungee cord. Slide each end through the holes and knot each end.