Patchwork Canvas

Patchwork Canvas

What You'll Need:

11 x 14 Canvas
Dena Embellish Happy Boy Pack
Assorted Solid Colored Cardstock
Die Cut Nesting Floral Shape
2 1/2" Circle Punch
Paper Trimmer
Assorted Buttons
Tombo Liquid Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximat Time: 60 Minutes

How to Make a Patchwork Canvas

This Patchwork Canvas is great for bringing color to any space. The shapes, colors and patterns give the piece a unique feel. Use colors that coordinate with your space and you have a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.
  • 1 Punch circles Punch 24 circles

    Punch 24 circles from a mix of solid and printed papers.

  • 2 Cut squares Cut squares

    Cut 24 1 3/4" squares from a mix of solid and printed papers.

  • 3 Fold Fold circles over edge of square

    Lay circles face down and center squares on circles. Fold circle over edges of the square.

  • 4 Cut floral shape Die cut smallest floral shape

    Die cut 5 of the smallest floral shape using the Cuttlebug.

  • 5 Glue Arrange and glue

    Arrange finished squares on the canvas and glue in place.

  • 6 Embellish Embellish with die cut and buttons

    Embellish with floral die cuts and buttons gluing in place.