Southwest Jar Candles

Southwest Jar Candles

What You'll Need:

2 Mason Jars
Glass Candle Votive
Oracal Glossy® White Sheet
Oracal Glossy® Black Sheet
Oracal Glossy® Red Sheet
Oracal Glossy® Mint Green Sheet
Darice® Square Die Cuts
Cuttlebug® or Embossing Machine of Choice
Jute Trim
Sand: Tan, White
Small Container for Mixing
Craft Stick

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make Southwest Jar Candles

Complete your backyard BBQ with decorative candle holders! Southwest Jar Candles are a fun, creative way to light up your night while incorporating everything you love about summer; sand and the Southwest! 
  • 1 Cut vinyl sheets

    Cut a 5"x5" section from each of the vinyl sheets. 

  • 2 Cut squares

    Select the two smallest square die cuts. Cut three to four squares from each of the sheets. Position the die cuts on the vinyl sheet between the B and C plates. 

  • 3 Make triangle designs

    Cut the squares in half diagonally to make the triangle designs. Refer to the photo. 

  • 4 Stick shapes to jar

    Peel and stick the vinyl shapes onto the jars. 

  • 5 Add sand & candle

    Mix the white and tan sand together in a container with a craft stick. Pour some of the sand into each jar. Place the votive candle inside the jar, push and twist the jar into the sand to center it. 

  • 6 Wrap jute

    Wrap the jute trim around the neck of the jars.