Steampunk Clock Journal

Steampunk Clock Journal

What You'll Need:

Studio 71 Sketchbook
Assorted Colors of Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Blending Solution
Alcohol Ink Blending Tool
Gloss Paper
Rubber Cement
Sequin Sheets
Clock Embossing Folder
Clock Pieces
Baker’s Twine
Silver Feathered Angel Wing Bead Strand
Wood Beads

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Steampunk Clock Journal

Time flies when you’re crafting! Try creating this steampunk inspired journal to use for school, work or just making day-to-day lists and journaling. This trendy journal may look like it’s made out of distressed metal, but you can create it with glossy paper, sequin sheets and alcohol inks!
  • 1 Mix ink with blending solution

    Apply a few drops of alcohol ink to the applicator with a couple of drops of alcohol blending solution.

  • 2 Pounce the applicator

    Randomly pounce the applicator on the glossy side of the gloss paper. Reapply ink and solution to the applicator if necessary.

  • 3 Cut the gloss paper

    Cut the gloss paper to fit the front of the journal.

  • 4 Apply the gloss paper

    Apply the gloss paper to the front of the journal using rubber cement per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • 5 Emboss sequin sheets

    Emboss sequin sheets with the clock embossing folder.

  • 6 Apply inks

    Apply alcohol inks to the sequin sheet.

  • 7 Apply clocks

    Cut out the clocks and apply them to the front of the journal using rubber cement.

  • 8 Add embellishments

    Embellish the front of the journal with clock pieces and feathered wing beads.

  • 9 Wrap journal with Baker's twine

    Wrap and tie Baker’s twine on the journal, then add beads to accent the ends of the twine.