Steampunk Metal Look Frame

Steampunk Metal Look Frame

What You'll Need:

Wood Photo Frame
Darice® Steam Punk Embossing Folder
Darice® Clock Background Embossing Folder
Cuttlebug Machine
Ranger Alcohol Inks in Assorted Colors
Ranger Ink Applicator
Dream Sequins Sheets
Bronze Chain
Darice® Key Shaped Charms
X-ACTO Knife
Small Jump Ring
Black Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Rubber Cement

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Steampunk Metal Look Frame

Don’t let this Steampunk Metal Look Frame fool you; it’s created from Dream Sequins sheets, alcohol inks and wood, not distressed metal! Test out your paper crafting talents and try your hand at creating this edgy, modern frame.
  • 1 Paint the edges

    Use the foam brush to paint the edges of the frame black. Let dry completely.

  • 2 Emboss the dream sequins

    Use the embossing folders and the Cuttlebug to emboss the Dream Sequins sheets.

  • 3 Apply rubber cement

    According to the manufacturer’s instructions, apply rubber cement to the frame and embossed sheets.

  • 4 Arrange the sheets

    Arrange the sheets on the frame and use the X-ACTO knife to trim any excess.

  • 5 Push in thumbtacks

    Push in the thumbtacks at the seams of the sheets. Use a hammer if necessary.

  • 6 Apply ink randomly

    Apply alcohol inks randomly. To get runs, hold the frame at an angle and drop the ink, allowing it to run down the frame.

  • 7 Attach the chain

    Attach the chain to the top of the frame using a thumb tack. Attach the key charms to the chain using a small jump ring.