Travel Tray

Travel Tray

What You'll Need:

Travel Scrapbook Paper
Skyline Die Cut
Black Glitter Paper
Stickerz™ Alphabet Stickers
Cuttlebug® or Embossing Machine of Choice (sold in stores)
FujiFilm® Photos
Tombow® Multi Liquid Glue
Black Multi-Surface Paint
Foam Brush
EasyCast® Epoxy
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Travel Tray

Remember your favorite trips with the help of a Travel Tray! Add your most memorable keepsakes and photos so you are always reminded of the good ol' days and to help inspire new memories and trips. 
  • 1 Add hotglue to shadowbox

    Run a line of hot glue around the backside of the shadowbox, along the seams, to seal the edges. 

  • 2 Paint box

    Paint the box black and allow to dry.

  • 3 Glue travel paper

    Glue the travel paper to the inside bottom of the box. Make sure all of the edges of the paper are secured to the tray, if they are not, the paper will left when the EasyCast® is applied. 

  • 4 Die cut skyline

    Die cut the skyline from glitter paper and glue it into the box. 

  • 5 Cut an arrow

    Cut an arrow from the glitter paper. Glue it into place, pointing towards your intended destination. 

  • 6 Spell out your destination

    Spell out your destination using the Stickerz™ alphabet. 

  • 7 Add photos

    Include photos from your trip. 

  • 8 Secure everything

    Make sure everything is securely glued into place. 

  • 9 Let dry

    Follow the directions for the EasyCast®, making sure to use enough to cover the bottom of the box. Allow 24 hours to dry.