Gold Floating Candle Centerpieces

Gold Floating Candle Centerpieces

What You'll Need:

Floating Candle Centerpiece
18 kt. Gold Spray Paint
Masking Tape
David Tutera™ Pearl Strips
Hercules Tape

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make Gold Floating Candle Centerpieces

Add gilded glamour to your wedding or event tables with these Gold Floating Candle Centerpieces. The light from the candle will catch the gold shine and cast a romantic glow, with just the right amount of golden decadence across your table.
  • 1 Cover each glass with tape

    Cover each glass with masking tape, leaving a 1” border along the edge.

  • 2 Spray paint

    Spray paint the base and the edge of the glass with gold spray paint. Let the glass dry completely.

  • 3 Remove tape

    Remove the tape from the glasses.

  • 4 Attach pearls

    Attach the pearl strips around the edge of the glass so they spiral down the base. Use Hercules tape to firmly attach strips.