Arm Crochet Pet Bed

Arm Crochet Pet Bed

What You'll Need:

Darice® Giant Chunky Yarn (Faux Fur Texture)

Difficulty Level: Basic Crochet Experience Helpful
Approximate Time: Great Weekend Project

How to Make an Arm Crochet Pet Bed

Your adorable pal will love relaxing and sleeping in this comfy Pet Bed! Use your arms and hands to knot, loop and crochet a fuzzy bed for your favorite furry friend.
  • 1 Tie a knot & loop

    Tie a slip knot in the end of the yarn and slide the loop onto your right arm.

  • 2 Slide the loop

    Grab the working end of the yarn with your right hand and slide the loop off of your arm while holding onto the working yarn.

  • 3 Repeat

    Repeat seven times, forming a chain.

  • 4 Crochet the second row

    To crochet a second row while keeping the loop on your right arm, stick your right arm back into the sixth stitch that you just created so there are now two loops on your arm.

  • 5 Create a third loop

    Wrap the working yarn around your right arm by your hand, making a third loop.

  • 6 Combine the loops

    Grab the loop closest to your hand and pull it through the other two loops, letting them slide off of your arm. This will leave you with one loop.

  • 7 Repeat

    Repeat six more times to finish out the row.

  • 8 Crochet

    Crochet five more rows.

  • 9 Tighten & tie the loop

    Take the loop off of your arm and feed the tail end through the loop and tighten it to tie it off.

  • 10 Continue weaving

    Weave the remaining tail back into the rows.