Knit Triangle Shawl

Knit Triangle Shawl

What You'll Need:

Bernat® Pop!TM
Paisley Pop (84009)
(5 oz.; 280 yds)
2 balls
Size U.S. 8 (5 mm) circular knitting needle 36" long or sized needed to obtain gauge.
Stitch marker


Courtesy of Bernat®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: Great things take time

How to Make a Knit Triangle Shawl

Add some fun flair to your next scarf project by crocheting your own colorful Knit Triangle Shawl! This shawl is perfect for when you're out and about or lounging at home. This intermediate project is a great stepping stone for experienced crocheters who are looking to take their skill to the next level.

Measurements: Approx 16" [40.5 cm] deep x 70" [178 cm] long.
Gauge: 13 sts and 26 rows = 4" [10 cm] in garter st.
  • 1 Abbreviations

    Alt = Alternate(ing)
    Approx = Approximate(ly)
    K = Knit
    Kfb = Increase 1 stitch by knitting into front and back of next stitch
    K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together
    Rep = Repeat(s)
    RS= Right side
    St(s) = Stitch(es)

    Cast on 2 sts.

  • 2 1st row

    (RS). Kfb. K1.

  • 3 2nd row

    K2. Kfb.

  • 4 3rd row

    Kfb. K2tog. K1.

  • 5 4th and alt rows

    Knit to last st. Kfb.

  • 6 5th row

    Kfb. K2tog. K2.

  • 7 7th row

    Kfb. K2tog. K3.

  • 8 9th row

    Kfb. K2tog. K4.

  • 9 11th row

    Kfb. Knit to last 6 sts. Place marker. K2tog. K4.

  • 10 Note

    Fron this point on, keep marker in position before last 6 sts.

  • 11 12th row

    Knit to last st. Kfb.

  • 12 13th row

    Kfb. Knit to last 6 sts. Slip marker. K2tog. K4. Rep 12th and 13th rows until work across longer side edge measures 70" [178 cm]. Cast off.