Loom Knit Hat

Loom knit hat

What You'll Need:

Loom Knitting Kit
2 Skeins Blue Yarn
2 Skeins Red Yarn

Courtesy of Daine Krupa
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Loom Knit Hat

Keep cozy and warm with a hand made loom knitted hat! This project makes knitting simple and is a great introduction to yarn crafting. Use your favorite sports team's colors and wear it to the big game, or just pick the prettiest yarn that you see.
  • 1 Attach yarn to loom

    Begin using the 2 strands of blue, or your first color, for the rim of the hat. Make a slip knot and attach to the knob on the loom.

  • 2 Wrap yarn

    Wrap the yarn around the loom counter clockwise. Wrap another row around the loom again.

  • 3 Continue stitching

    Take the loom hook and hook the bottom stitch over the top stitch for each peg all the way around the loom. Push stitches to the bottom of the loom and make another row by wrapping the yarn around each peg around the loom until it reaches the desired length.

  • 4 Make rim

    To make the rim, fold the blue back into the loom, and attach the loops on each peg around the loom. Use the loom hook and take the bottom stitch of the top for each peg around the loom.

  • 5 Switch yarn colors

    To change color for the top of the hat, make a slip knot using 2 strands of red yarn, or your second color, and attach to the peg over blue. Wrap the red yarn over each peg around the loom.

  • 6 Continue stitching

    Using the hook, take the bottom stitch over the top stitch for each peg around the loom. Continue rows until the desired length is reached.

  • 7 Remove from loom

    To remove stitches from the loom, cut a long strand, as least 18", and use a darning needle to remove each stitch off of the loom. Pull tight to gather the top of the hat. Sew closed on reverse side and sew in all loose ends.

  • 8 Make a pom pom

    Wrap yarn around 1" cardboard about 50 times. Slip off by wrapping a strand of yarn around the wrap and make a tight knot. Keep the long strand. Begin snipping the loops evenly. When finished sew to top of hat.