Woven Wall Hanging

Woven Wall Hanging

What You'll Need:

Martha Stewart Crafts® Loom
Hemp Cord
Fat Quarter Fabrics of Choice
All Things You YarnTM: Fleece, Aran, Lakeside
5/16" Dowel Rod
Small Scissors

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: Good Weekend Project

How to Make a Woven Wall Hanging

Create your own decorative Woven Wall Hanging! This piece is perfect for display in any area of your home or office. Add colorful yarn and relax over a weekend with this project.
  • 1 Insert Pegs

    Insert the pegs along the top and bottom of the loom, alternating every other hole.

  • 2 String the pegs

    String the pegs with the hemp to create the warp.

  • 3 Tear quarters

    Tear the fat quarters into 1" strips and set aside.

  • 4 Cut & knot

    Cut twenty-six 24" lengths of blue yarn. Overhand knot two sections onto each warp along the bottom.

  • 5 Cut strands & tie

    Cut four strands of 12" white yarn and tie them onto the warp above the last blue fringe. Cut more strands of white and tie fringe across the warp.

  • 6 Cut sections of yarn

    Cut sections of yarns, thread them onto the needle and weave the yarn onto the warp.

  • 7 Weave by hand

    Weave the fat quarter sections and chunkier yarn onto the warp by hand.

  • 8 Alternate yarn

    Alternate the textures and colors as desired. Make sure to keep an even tension throughout the weaving.

  • 9 Add dowel rod

    Carefully remove the top pegs from the loom and slide a dowel rod between the top loops. Loop and tie the end strand around the dowel.

  • 10 Remove hemp

    Carefully remove the hemp from the bottom pegs. Place the weaving face down onto the work surface. Snug the yarn up and then weave the warp ends through the yarn.

  • 11 Weave

    Weave the yarn and fabric ends onto the backside of the weaving.

  • 12 Cut & knot

    Cut a section of chunky yarn for hanging. Knot it onto the dowel ends and fray the yarn ends.