Yarn Canvas Sampler

Yarn Canvas Sampler

What You'll Need:

Nine 4" Plastic Canvas Squares
Nine Yarn Colors of Choice
Gold Lanyard Hooks
#16 Plastic Canvas Needle

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Yarn Canvas Sampler

Looking to add color to your wall to brighten your space? A Yarn Canvas is a great project to make. Pick the perfect colors to match your home and within an hour, you could have a brand new piece of wall art! 

Project made with All Things You™ Baby Acrylic yarn in: Dark Turquoise, Candy Pink, Dove Grey and All Things You™ Essential Acrylic yarn in: Gold, Amethyst, Grass, Aran, Claret, Forest
  • 1 Cut & thread yarn

    Each square will require 8 yards of yarn for each plastic canvas square. For easier stitching, cut the yarn into two 4 yard sections to fill each square. Thread the yarn onto the needle and bring the ends together.

  • 2 Stitch yarn

        Using a long stitch pattern, stitch the yarn onto the canvas leaving a border of four squares on each side. 

  • 3 Weave yarn

    Weave the yarn ends through the back to secure. Repeat for each of the canvases with different colored yarn.

  • 4 Arrange canvas

        Arrange the finished canvases into three rows of three.

  • 5 Attach & connect hooks

    Attach a lanyard hook to the second square from the corner of each canvas. Connect the lanyard hook to the next yarn square, referring to the photo, until the grid is complete.