Twisted Yarn Bracelets

Twisted Yarn Bracelets

What You'll Need

Assorted Yarn 
Yard Stick

Courtesy of Darice® 
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes 

How to Make Yarn Twist Bracelets

Twist up some fun with these Yarn Twist Bracelets! You can't go wrong; these bracelets are easy, affordable, and fun to make, and are the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend! Pick up some of your favorite colored yarn and get started on yours today! 
  • 1 Cut yarn

    Cut yarn into 18" strands. 

  • 2 Tape to surface & twist

    Holding 3 strands together, tape one end to a surface. Holding the opposite end, twist the 3 strands together several times. Still holding the end with one hand, grab the center of the twisted strand with the other hand and bring your end hand up to the taped end. Release the center and allow the twisted strand to twist on itself. 

  • 3 Untape and tie

    Untape the strand from the surface and tie the ends together in an overhand knot, trim the ends off. 

  • 4 Make loop for knot

    Open the twisted end to create a twisted loop, place knotted end in loop and allow the twist to close holding the knot in place.