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    Cleveland, OH 44111

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Cleveland, OH Pat Catan's

Over the years the Pat Catan’s in Cleveland has developed a strong base of regular customers, and for good reason! In addition to being one of our largest stores, it’s staffed with plenty of full-time employees that know our products, and each one is ready and willing to help you create the perfect project!

See what Pat Catan’s Cleveland has to offer…

  • Our Prizm Art Supply Store

    Our Prizm Art Supply Store

    Artists also flock to our Cleveland location to shop at the Prizm art store. Prizm art experts are available to help guide you through anything from your first oil paint project, to your hundredth air brush experience.

  • Our Craft Classes

    Our Craft Classes

    If you’re looking for inspiration beyond paints and canvases try taking one of the many classes offered at our location. Customers especially love the yarn classes and Wilton Cake Decorating classes.

  • Our Craft Coordinator

    Our Craft Coordinator

    You can even catch a live demonstration from the store’s craft coordinator, Diane. When she isn’t helping customers brainstorm the best ways to complete their projects, she is busy crafting the sample projects displayed throughout the store. She is in the store four to five days a week to help customers with their crafting questions.

  • Our Custom Floral Department

    Our Custom Floral Department

    Both resident florists in Cleveland have previous experience working for floral design companies, and have now been with Pat Catan’s for about eight years. The designers excel at creating beautiful bridal and wedding arrangements, and are in the store almost every day of the week.

  • Our Custom Framing Department

    Our Custom Framing Department

    The Berea Road location also has its very own frame shop staffed with experienced framing professionals. The custom framing counter is open daily, and makes framing cherished memories or projects both convenient and cost effective.

  • Our Birthday Parties & Events

    Our Birthday Parties & Events

    Get creative for your next celebration. The Pat Catan’s classroom is perfect for inspired events like birthday parties, Scout gatherings, showers or even a girls’ night out. Pick your project and let us take care of everything else.

Shop Our Cleveland, Ohio Craft Store

The Cleveland store on Berea Road also features large departments in the following categories:

  • Bridal
  • Cake and candy making
  • Floral supplies
  • Foam shapes and blocks
  • Jewelry
  • Kid's crafts
  • Paper mache
  • Party
  • Yarn

Learn more about all the departments featured in Pat Catan’s stores.

What Our Cleveland Customers Are Saying

“I am getting married in August and decided to look into making my own centerpieces. That's when I first entered your Berea Rd. store. I was very impressed with your employee Maggie. She was very knowledgeable about store products and she made some excellent suggestions. I felt so comfortable about making the centerpieces because of Maggie's recommendations."

-Lenore H.

"I went to Pat Catan's Berea Rd. store to get some ideas on how to finish my first granny square afghan. As a beginner, I thought it would be a good idea to get another opinion, preferably from someone who crocheted. Wow, did I ever hit the jackpot! The woman who helped me was Donna. She suggested a great edging stitch and a color to finish my first crochet project. Awesome customer service! This is the second time Donna was there to help me with my needs. Can't wait to show her my afghan when I'm finished!"

-Deborah F.

"I am writing to tell you about an exceptional employee at the Berea Rd. store in the Prizm section. His name is Dean, and he is so incredibly knowledgeable about all of your art supplies. I started painting a year ago and I have gotten a wealth of information from him to help with my purchases; from my easels, to paints, mediums, brushes, etc. I appreciate this help so much and am more than satisfied with the items that I purchase because of it. He goes was above and beyond and is passionate about art and all the products. He doesn't make buying decisions."

-Pamela V.

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Upcoming Classes & Events

  • Knit & Crochet Group

    08/01/2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Join this group for good conversation, and of course knitting! Learn new yarn crafting skills with the experienced members of this group, while knitting and crocheting for charity.

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