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Strongsville, OH Pat Catan's

Although the Strongsville store offers more than 45,000 square feet of crafting supplies, it remains a family affair. Today, this location is managed by one of founder Pat Catan’s own grandsons.

The Catan family has been a staple in Strongsville for years. From corporate headquarters and Catan Fashions, to the Strongsville City School District football stadium – named for sponsor Pat Catan’s – it’s hard to miss the imprint the Catan family has made on this city.

See what Pat Catan’s Strongsville has to offer…

  • Our Craft Classes

    Our Craft Classes

    Popular classes at this location include Monday morning stories and crafts, Wilton Cake Decorating and “Bob Ross” style painting. For more crafty classes at the Strongsville location check out our classes and events.

  • Our Craft Coordinator

    Our Craft Coordinator

    If you have any questions about a sample, or if you’re just looking for general crafting inspiration, consult Strongsville’s craft coordinator Bonnie. She is available between 25 and 30 hours a week to offer inspiration, give advice and facilitate demonstrations, parties or classes.

  • Our Custom Floral Department

    Our Custom Floral Department

    For those who love flowers, the Strongsville location boasts a large floral supply section, as well as a wide selection of greens and long stems. One of three custom floral designers is available during all store hours to assist customers in creating anything from a wedding bouquet or boutonniere, to a centerpiece or a display for your front porch.

  • Our Custom Framing Department

    Our Custom Framing Department

    Artists visit the Strongsville location for its expanded art department, which has its own entrance next door to the main entrance. The art department stocks everything from supplies for beginners and students, to an experienced artists’ favorite tools. Whether you create or buy a piece of art, you can trust our custom framing experts to finish it beautifully.

  • Our Birthday Parties & Events

    Our Birthday Parties & Events

    Craft a creative party at Pat Catan’s! Hold your next birthday party, Scout meeting, bridal shower or any other event in our classroom. Remember, party planning with Catan’s is simple and stress-free, just pick out your craft, and we’ll cover set up, and cleanup.

Shop Our Strongsville, OH Craft Store

The Strongsville store also features large departments in the following categories:

  • Art
  • Bridal
  • Cake and candy making
  • Foam shapes and blocks
  • Kid's crafts
  • Paper mache
  • Party
  • Yarn
  • Wood

Learn more about all the craft supplies departments featured in Pat Catan’s stores.

What Our Strongsville Customers Are Saying

“Now, here is a store I could spend hours in. I am in love with the art supplies room and I can never leave without buying something, which is very dangerous for a serious shopper like me.

When I was taking art classes at Tri-C, our teacher sent us here with a list of everything we would need. Since she does this often, the employees knew exactly what I was looking for and where to find it, which helped tremendously! The staff here is so friendly and knowledgeable about this giant store. They really keep it organized so it's easy to shop around.

The prices here are moderate. Not as cheap as some of the other hobby stores I've been to, but the quality is phenomenal. I have yet to see a sketchbook ring binding break or a paint brush lose its hair. They carry the best of the best. Pat Catan’s is definitely where I go for all of my artsy needs!”

-Teejay B. on Yelp!

"Just had to let you know what wonderful customer service your Strongsville location has. I needed some items, and they were in the warehouse. They were sent to the store and I was called when they came in for my to pick up. I believe Sue was the employee that handled this, although all of your employees are wonderful! Especially Miss Torie who was carrying on a sweet conversation and wishing me a happy holiday. Your company is truly a role model for everyone!"

-Deb B.

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