Teacher Approved Personalized Pencil Holder

  • Teacher Approved Personalized Pencil Holder When I was a teacher, I loved to have an organized desk. Because I was constantly going throughout the day, it was important to know where my supplies were, where my gradebook was and most importantly, whether I had a pencil nearby.

    For some reason, those things wouldn't EVER hang around.

    Chucking them in the desk would work sometimes, but I liked to have a stash on the desktop for easy access.

    And when thinking of great gifts for teachers this Christmas, I immediately thought of a personalized pencil holder, with a cute chalkboard label and adorable accessories to boot!

    To make this personalized pencil holder gather a mason jar, 2" burlap ribbon, a blank chalkboard ornament, a dollhouse miniature pencil holder and a chalk pen.

    You can embellish the mason jar however you see fit. I love this wide burlap ribbon. It's so rustic and lovely. I use it on many crafts - it's a staple in my craft room.

    The wide chalkboard ornament is perfect as a label. Once I saw these babies, I grabbed a dozen (and I'm not lying). They can label almost anything in the classroom. Just a dab of hot glue or a glue dot will make this mini chalkboard a permanent part of your organization.

    I wrote the label with a chalk pen, and then glued the little pencil holder to the frame (is it not the CUTEST?). A dab of hot glue to secure the chalkboard to the mason jar and Bob's your teacher! You're done!

    Add a big arrangement of freshly sharpened pencils and this is a fantastic - and practical - gift for the amazing teacher in your life.

    How are you going to say thank you to your teacher this holiday season?

    Tara from Suburble

    Tara is a former teacher and the current force behind her blog Suburble. Suburble comes from a combination of the words suburbia and burble, and signifies a rambling place where she can collect her thoughts. The blog is her outlet to get her hands dirty, write about it and share her adventures with all of you!