A Cell Phone Jail for Your Classroom

  • Cell Block DIY Cell Phone Jail Lock up all of your digital classroom distractions in the Cell Block! This simple cell phone storage container is just what you need to keep all of your students focused, and all eyes on you.

    To make a simple Cell Block for your classroom or workplace, you will need:

    • Stick on letters
    • Black adhesive vinyl
    • Scissors

    I decided to use the name Cell Block because I loved how punny it was. But you could use Cell Phone Jail, The Phone House or whatever works with your space and personality.

    I cut strips of adhesive vinyl and adhered them to appear like the bars of a jail cell.

    And at no time at all, the cell phone cell is ready to do its job.

    Being able to see the stack of phones - tucked away until needed - is comforting for the phones' owners. Having had to confiscate a phone or two in my days as a teacher, I know that it can make some students anxious to have their phones removed.

    Even knowing that this little jail exists could encourage some students to keep their phones in the bags or purses.

    A visual reminder is a very persuasive one!

    Tara from Suburble

    Tara is a former teacher and the current force behind her blog, Suburble. Suburble comes from a combination of the words suburbia and burble, and signifies a rambling place where she can collect her thoughts. The blog is her outlet to get her hands dirty, write about it and share her adventures with all of you!