• Pumpkin Exploration Book We are quickly approaching some of the most fun times of the year as an educator: the fall and winter seasons and holidays! There are so many ways to incorporate the changing seasons and the celebrations that occur during the remaining months of the year into the typical course of your classroom curriculum. I've got one fun, hands-on way to utlize pumpkins during your writing, math and science times: a Pumpkin Exploration Book!

    What you'll need to create your own Pumpkin Exploration Book:

    • Foamies Foam Pumpkin Bases (2 per student)
    • 1/16" Hole Punch
    • Scissors
    • Mini Gold Brads (1 per student)
    • Interior Pumpkin Book Pages (enough for each student)

    Have students cut out the interior pages of the pumpkin book. I've included the following pages as part of the download, in addition to a few blank copies so you could easily add your own addition pages to coordinate with the standards you'd like to incorporate:
    • My pumpkin smells:
    • My pumpkin feels:
    • My pumpkin looks like this:
    • My pumpkin sounds like:
    • My pumpkin has ___ seeds
    • My pumpkin is ____ inches around

    Using the hole punch, punch a hole at the base of the stem of one of the paper pumpkins. 
    Use the first hole-punched paper as a template for the remaining paper pages and foam covers. Layer the template over the top of the remaining pages, making sure to line up all of the edges before punching. If you are working with younger grades, you might want to have a parent helper in to assist you with this step. 

    Gather the cover pumpkins and interior pages together and press the mini brad through the aligned holes. Carefully spread the back prongs to keep all of the pages together. 

    Get to work and get to exploring pumpkins and recording all that you learned!

    Katie from Sweet Rose Studio

    Katie is a former elementary school teacher, and currently a stay-at-home momma by trade. She is the writer and creator at Sweet Rose Studio. Her blog is dedicated to sharing the best crafts, recipes, DIY home tutorials and anything else that promotes a happy home. Katie has a passion for party planning and styling and can regularly be found with a sippy cup in one hand and a glue gun in the other, with a camera hanging around her neck.