Just for Teachers

We love seeing all the creative things teachers do for the students in our communities. Along with our A+ Teachers Discount Cards, we also have this section of teacher resources and crafts.

  • Easy Tactile Alphabet Book for Your Classroom

    Tactile Alphabet Book Former elementary school teacher Katie from Sweet Rose Studio knows how to engage students while teaching the alphabet, and she's sharing her secret with you! Learn how to make a Tactile Alphabet Book for your classroom and use it to get those tough concepts to stick. Read More »
  • DIY Reading Pointers for Budding Bookworms

    DIY Reading Pointers for Budding Bookworms When it comes to guided reading groups, it's just as important for your students to follow along with the reader as it is for each student to take a turn reading out loud. This can be a challenge when minds start to wander, but we've got a cute DIY that will keep them on track. Read More »
  • 6 Clever Ways to Use Clear Pocket Envelopes in the Classroom

    Clever ways to use clear envelopes in the classroom Next time you're supply shopping for your classroom, don't breeze past the 12" x 12" clear pocket envelopes. They might not be on your usual shopping list, but these envelopes have so many uses when it comes to storage and organization in a classroom. See six ways you can use them to help your school day run a little more smoothly. Read More »
  • 10 Quick & Easy Classroom Hacks

    10 Quick and Easy Classroom Hacks Long before she was the force behind the craft and lifestyle blog, Suburble, Tara was a high school English teacher. During her time teaching in those hallowed halls, she put her inherent craftiness to work to keep her classroom running smoothly. You won't want to miss out on her top 10 quick and easy classroom hacks. Read More »