Just for Teachers

We love seeing all the creative things teachers do for the students in our communities. Along with our A+ Teachers Discount Cards, we also have this section of teacher resources and crafts.

  • A Cell Phone Jail for Your Classroom

    Cell Block DIY Cell Phone Jail We live in an age where technology is easily accessible for nearly everyone, and it can be a huge distraction in the classroom and the work place. Creating a place to store those cell phones – whether they’re voluntarily placed there or confiscated – is a great way to avoid that distraction, and this Cell Block is just what you need to store them.
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  • Make a Sit-Upon from a Reusable Bag

    Sit-Upon from Reusable Bags At first glance, they look like plastic bags just casually tossed on the lawn, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that these are actually very simple and effective sit-upons – a dry place for kids to sit on the lawn, on a mudpatch, in a campsite or even a place to sit in a classroom.See how simple it is to make your own. Read More »
  • How to Turn a Waist Apron into a Classroom Organizer

    How to Turn a Waist Apron into a Classroom Organizer Your kitchen apron could be just the organization hack that your classroom is missing! See how Tara from Suburble modified her waist apron to simply store students’ supplies on the back of their classroom chairs or on the wall. Read More »
  • 6 Clever Ways to Use Clear Pocket Envelopes in the Classroom

    Clever ways to use clear envelopes in the classroom Next time you're supply shopping for your classroom, don't breeze past the 12" x 12" clear pocket envelopes. They might not be on your usual shopping list, but these envelopes have so many uses when it comes to storage and organization in a classroom. See six ways you can use them to help your school day run a little more smoothly. Read More »